One of the harder concepts for me to learn was how to remain focused on the most important tasks that will result in my greater success.

Pursuing anything in life requires an intensity and an emotional attachment to it. There has to be a fanatical commitment to the most important things in life to generate continual growth and development in that area.

Here is a quick list that I have been using to help me maintain my focus:

1. Count Your Days

This concept works well if you are already doing a daily journal. In your journal write down how many days that you have been alive. This provides an urgency for that day. I have been alive 12,339 days. That is a LOT of days. It will make you think about all of the wasted time that was spent doing frivolous tasks.

Also in this process of counting the days, I often will repeat in my mind the words “Do it now…Do it now…Do it now.” Every morning when I wake up, and every night when I go to sleep, I repeat these words. This will also further push the urgency of the most important tasks.

2. Two Main Questions

What’s important now? and What’s Next? If you continually focus on these two questions, it will be very difficult to get away from the highest priority tasks in your life. This will also make you get up earlier and can keep you up at night.

3. Honor your inner circle

When you maintain a close relationship with those that are closest to you, you will constantly focus in on the most important people in your life. This will also push you to improve your relationships with them and improve the quality of life for you and your most valued individuals.

Keeping your intensity running at maximum will improve your productivity, but it will also make you more self aware. You will stop allowing time to slip by or be wasted on things that are not a part of your core focus. When I started mastering this concept, amazing things started to happen in my life and business.

As John Maxwell says,

“We often over estimate what can be done in one day, and under estimate what can be done in many days.”

Keeping your focus every day allows for continual growth that will result in amazing growth.