Learning the Bible in Context

David Evans

Being a Disciple is dedicated to helping raise up disciples who will follow Christ.

By speaking and teaching the stories of the Bible through the lens of historical geography, archaeology, and biblical culture to churches, Christian day schools, colleges, church groups and gatherings, you can better understand what it means to become a disciple of Jesus.

The vast majority of “biblical teaching” in today’s churches focus on biblical theology, doctrine or proof text explanation.  This type of teaching has its importance, but does not include a vital part of studying the text – the historical setting of the text.  Our focus is to teach the physical backgrounds and context of the Bible from an eastern and cultural perspective so that the stories of the Bible can accurately be understood in the setting in which they occur.

Being able to understand the context of the the Bible is vital in being able to understand the deeper meaning and life application of the text.   The Bible was not written by 21st century writers to a western audience.  These biblical authors wrote in their language, to their people, and in the context of their world.  In studying the Bible, understanding the land, the topography, culture, language, and daily life of the characters, allow you to deepen your understanding of the characters of the Bible. Instead of reading the Bible in black and white, you can begin to see the stories in full color!

This process of teaching, brings the land of the Bible to life in your church group.  It allows for you to go on an Israel Trip without leaving your church pew.

We would enjoy being able to come and share with your church or group and help make the text come alive.

To Schedule a Seminar in your church please message us or email david@beingadisciple.com for more information.

What is a Biblical Backgrounds Seminar?

A “Biblical Background” seminar is designed for churches, class rooms, and church groups to educate and focus on the backgrounds of the Bible.  By using modern technology, you will experience the settings of the Bible through picture and video.  Seminars includes ongoing interaction, discussions and the ability to have your questions answered.

You will be provided with a full color booklet outlining the seminar topics and thought provoking questions to continue the study during and after the seminar.  Each booklet has detailed definitions, Hebrew and Greek terms, recommended resources, and source annotations that allow the attendee to pursue deeper understanding of the topics.

Also, there are typically background banners and posters that allow further interaction during the seminars.  Your church will come alive with the setting of the Bible.  Artifacts, Replicas, Statues, and more are used to help tell the stories of the Bible.



Popular Speaking Topics

Being A Disciple – 1st Century Study on being a Galilean disciple of Jesus.

Journey into 1st Century Galilee and walk through history as you will learn what it means to be a 1st century disciple of Jesus. From Nazareth, Cana, Capernaum to Jerusalem, you will follow in the dusty trails of Jesus and deepen our commitment to be a true disciple of Jesus.

Review the backgrounds of the Old Testament to understand the framework of the life of Christ.  Walk with Abraham, when God gives the promise of the one who will come and bless all nations.  Listen to John the Baptist as he announces that the Kingdom of Heaven is coming.  Follow Christ throughout his ministry as He tries to explain to his followers what it means to be a disciple and to further the Kingdom of Heaven.  Sit with the disciples after Christ ascends as they try to comprehend the magnitude of the mission to go and make disciples of all nations.

This Seminar typically has 5-6 hours of teaching spread out over a 2-4 days.  Often a Friday evening, and all day Saturday can work well.  Thursday, Friday, Saturday evening with 2 sessions on Sunday can be planned as well.

Yeshua and the People of His day – Learn the backgrounds of the 6 key people groups that Christ interacts with in the Gospels.

Most of us are very familiar with the ministry of Jesus Christ.  However, few people understand the people of his day, and why Christ’s ministry specifically addresses these groups.

During this seminar, we will learn the difference between the Eastern and the Western Mind and the impact of the Hellenistic world-view on the ministry of Jesus.  We will also spend time with the 6 key people groups of Jesus’ day.

Sadducees – As the political, social, and religious leaders of 1st century Judaism, learn how the Sadducees impacted the narrative of the Gospels.

Essenes – Separated from the spiritual heresy in Jerusalem, uncover how the Essenes moved to the desert to “prepare the way of the Lord.”

Gentiles – Often overlooked in the Gospels, see how Jesus interacts with the “pagan” nations, showing how the Kingdom of Heaven is for all mankind.

Herodians – As a small but influential Jewish sect, learn how the Herodians opposed the teachings of Rabbi Yeshua.

Zealots – See how the guerrilla fighters of the north continually impacted the Gospels.  Find out why Jesus chose two zealots to be his disciples.

Pharisees – An extremely righteous Jewish sect that often wrestled with Jesus’ ministry, discover how these devout Jews missed the them of the Kingdom of Heaven.

This seminar includes 7-8 hours of teaching over a couple of days.  This teaching fits well with a Friday evening, all day Saturday, and/or Sunday lessons.  This teaching call also be completed with weekday/weekend evening sessions over a Tuesday through Sunday schedule.

Where is Mt. Zion – From Adam to Pentecost, the mission of God to Tabernacle with us.

Where is Mt. Zion?  We begin in the garden of God and follow the path of God as He establishes a way to dwell with man again.  Through the eyes of the dwelling place of God, we pursue a deeper understanding of what the temple of God is to both the Old Testament believers, and the New Testament church.

This is seminar is a shorter, one session seminar that can be scheduled for most normal services and gatherings.

Psalm 23 – The truth about the Good Shepherd, and what it means to be a sheep.

The entire narrative of Psalm 23 is based on a cultural understanding of a shepherd.  Our western worldview has altered the understanding of Psalm 23.  Our picture of what God says he will provide and his interactions as a shepherd our painted with a western “American Dream” perspective.  But is that worldview biblical?

Through pictures, videos, and stories get a deeper understanding of the context of Psalm 23. Develop an understanding of who the Good Shepherd is and how his treasured possession is you.

The Psalm 23 seminar is a 2 session event that fits well on a normal Sunday service schedule.  Almost 2 hours of teaching, with many photographs, props, and explanations around the physical settings of Psalm 23.

Slaying Giants – Faith and Giants through the eyes of a boy.

Have you ever wondered how a boy can have enough faith to slay giants?  Was it because David was raised in the perfect home, that he was able to have amazing faith?  Was it from a life with little struggles and life problems that allowed him to full rely on God?  Or was there a deeper faith in God from a life filled with tests for David to prove his faith in God?

What is the story of David?  Not just the Sunday school story, but the accurate telling of a shepherd boy in the hills of Bethlehem.  Who is David’s father, mother, and family?  These questions and more are discussed to better understand what it means to have giant slaying faith.

The Slaying Giants seminar is one of stories and historical depth as we pursue the biblical character of David.  From birth to Goliath, we walk through the text to get a better picture of what it means to have faith.  This seminar is a 2 session event that includes 1.5 – 2 hours of teaching and interaction.

The Final Week of Christ – From the covenant to the cross,

Walk with Jesus as he enters Jerusalem to face the final hours before His crucifixion.  Listen to the stories of his confrontations with the Sadducees, teaching His disciples, and the countdown to the crucifixion.

Sessions include: The Covenant to the Cross, the Triumphal Entry, The Last Supper, Behold the Man, Out of the Darkness, The Night of Watching, The Cup of Wrath, Behold the Man, and It is finished.

The Final Week of Christ seminar includes up to 6 hours of teaching.  This seminar can be adjusted to fit varying lengths and service schedules.

BONUS: Experience a passover setting in a small group setting to better understand the final meal of Jesus with his disciples.  You will get to participate in a “last supper meal” that will explain the cultural settings of the biblical story.



How do churches schedule a “Biblical Backgrounds” Seminar

Scheduling a seminar can be done by contacting David Evans at David@beingadisciple.com.  Seminars are typically best offered on a weekend. (Friday night, Saturday format).  A Sunday format can also be arranged.  An alternative format for the longer seminars is to structure it on 3-4 weeknights with a few weekend sessions.

What is the cost of a “Biblical Backgrounds” Seminar

The mission of Being a Disciple is to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”  Because of this mission we do not designate a set charge or fee for a seminar.  It is completely up to the hosting church and pastor to decide if an offering should be taken or any donation given to our ministry.  All funds given to our ministry will be used to further fulfill the Great Commission.