The Commands of Jesus Christ

Welcome friends, hello there, my name is David and welcome to our new video series titled The Commands of Jesus Christ.

We are getting ready to dive into an amazing study of the key statements that Jesus makes that opens an amazing window for us to get a better understanding what he was teaching his disciples.

One of the very last things that Jesus Christ did following his resurrection was to tell his disciples to go back to Galilee.  To go back to where it all started.  To go back to where they all had spent 3 years in training  and where Christ had shown them how to walk out the mission.

So the disciples set out from Jerusalem, and walked the 120 miles back to Galilee, and climbed once again the mountain that Christ told them too.When they arrived, It seems that Christ wanted to have a chance to review his teachings.  Almost if he was giving them one final pop quiz and few last words of instruction, before he had to leave them.

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