Its official, we are heading back to Israel on Student Visas.  We received notice, Monday that they were approved and we needed to pick them up in the Israeli Consulate office in New York City.  So, after trying yesterday and having the scary tire problem, we made it there today without incident.  Thank the Lord!!! Everything at the Consulate went very smoothly, although we had to wait for about 2.5 hours. Continue reading Heading Back

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Ezekiel 12:2 says, “Son of man, you are living among a rebellious people. They have eyes to see but do not see, and ears to hear but do not hear, for they are a rebellious people.”

Living in todays world has created a lifestyle where the worlds information is at your fingertips. It has been found that the average American consumes 12 hours of information per day – OUTSIDE of work.

“Between the dawn of civilization through 2003 about 5 exabytes of information was created. Now, that much information is created every 2 days.” (Eric Schmidt – Former Google CEO)

We are connected now more than we have ever been, with communication happening every moment of the day. However, people today are more blind and unable to hear real truth.

Have you ever stopped and asked the question;

“Why do people not SEE the truth?” Or with truth so readily available, “Why do people not HEAR truth.”

In the English language we have two words – To Hear, and To Obey. In english these two concepts are separate words. To hear means to hear words. To obey means to do action.

In Hebrew, there is only one word for both concepts of hearing and doing, “Shema.”
Shema is the foundation to an obedient and faithful life in Christ. Continue reading Samuel – “Can You Hear Me Now?”

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Visiting Ceaserea by the Sea today.  Such a beautiful place.  I could walk around and look for hours, but sadly the children are not so enthused by more ruins.  We took a picnic lunch and ate before we walked around.  This city is referenced in Acts where Paul was brought as a prisoner after appealing to Ceaser, Acts 25.  And it is where he addressed King Agrippa recorded in Acts 26.

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Today there was a bus bomb in Jerusalem. I was in a store a few blocks away. I walked over and got a few pics but my phone was dying. Soldiers were all over the place. The news reports we are hearing are saying several different things but it does not sound as though anyone was killed.  Two buses were involved but it’s unclear from the news which was carrying the bomb. Continue reading A Sad Day in Jerusalem

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